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Generating Dialogue

The Electricity Governance Initiative (EGI) was co-founded by World Resources Institute (WRI) and Prayas Energy Group in 2003 to promote better governance in the electricity sector.


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A Shared Vision for Thailand's Solar Energy Development

Electricity Governance Initiative’s (EGI) 10 Questions to Ask about Scaling On-Grid Renewable Energy is a framework designed to facilitate multi-stakeholder engagement for improving renewable energy policy.

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"Financing Clean Energy Access through Socially-Oriented Enterprises in Africa" workshop held in Uganda

At a recently completed workshop in Entebbe, Uganda, with the support of the DOEN Foundation , WRI brought together pioneering social enterprises, key impact investors, and other important actors with a focus on energy access in East Africa.

Key discussions included finance barriers hindering the provision of decentra

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U.S. Signals the End of Public Money for Coal-Fired Power

By Athena Ballesteros.

Photo credit: Mike_tn, FlickrPhoto credit: Mike_tn, Flickr

U.S. public financing for overseas coal-fired power is likely coming to an end.

That’s the clear signal from the U.S. Department of Treasury’s announcement earlier this week. The Treasury Department provided new guidance for multi-lateral development banks’ (MDBs) financing of coal-fired power. These investments will now need to meet the same greenhouse gas requirements as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s standards for new domestic power plants, which were announced earlier this year . The Treasury’s guidance on this matter applies to all MDBs receiving U.S. funding, essentially banning U.S. public financing for overseas coal-fired power plants. At institutions like the World Bank, where the United States is the largest shareholder, this decision holds real significance.

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