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Assessing and EDITing Consumer Participation in Electricity Distribution

Consumers are most directly affected by the delivery of electricity to their homes - what price they pay for electricity, how easily they can get a connection, the frequency of service interruptions - and as such, the Electricity Distribution Indicator Toolkit (EDIT) Project assembled in Noordhoek, South Africa on March 5, 2006 to develop a toolkit that civil society can use to diagnose problems with electricity distribution and thus engage utilities and regulators to address them.

The toolkit will be made up of two components. The first part will consist of a rapid assessment questionnaire to evaluate problems households face in obtaining and maintaining a household electricity connection. The second part will consist of detailed indicators to examine the problems identified by the rapid assessment. Both components will be integrated into a “How-to-Guide” that will be adapted for use in different developing country regions. A draft of the toolkit will be ready by June 2007, and will be pilot tested in two developing country cities by 2008.


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