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Davida Wood at the 2012 Duke Powering the World: Energy in Emerging Markets Workshop

On February 22nd, Davida Wood will be on a panel titled, “Development, Energy Access & the Environment: A Nexus of Opportunity”, for the Powering the World: Energy in Emerging Markets Workshop. The workshop is being hosted by the MBA Energy Club, the Nicholas School of the Environment Energy Club, and the Center for Energy Development and Global Environment at Duke University.

The panel will focus on the energy challenges that emerging market countries face, such as:

  • How is the marketplace working to overcome those challenges?
  • What is the biggest enabler/inhibitor of distributed generation (generation, in general) in emerging markets?
  • What is the most promising resource(s) for the developing world?

The agenda for the meeting can be downloaded here.

For further information, please contact Davida Wood (

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