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The Electricity Governance Toolkit

Benchmarking Best Practice and Promoting Accountability in the Electricity Sector

The Toolkit consists of more than 60 indicators that address policy and regulatory processes in the electricity sector, with an emphasis on social and environmental issues. The toolkit is the product of an extensive external review process in 2004, and was pilot tested in Thailand, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines in 2005. This 2007 version of the toolkit has undergone significant revisions to reflect lessons learned from the pilot phase of assessments and additional expert input collected.


Complete EGI Indicator Toolkit in English (PDF, 176 pp)

Complete EGI Indicator Toolkit in Portuguese (PDF, 176 pp)

Subset of the EGI Indicator Toolkit in Russian (PDF, 110 pp)

You can also refer to the February 2005 version here

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